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Submit a Rant – Unfollowed
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Submit a Rant

Submit a Rant

Do you have friends that you’ve unfollowed to improve your quality of life? Well, good news! Now’s your chance to dig through the darkness and bring some light back with you:

Unfollowed is now accepting listener-submitted rants! Use the form below to upload a screen capture of a rant you’ve come across on any social network. Here are some quick guidelines for rants we’ll consider using on the show:

  • We prefer rants that have been shared publicly, and not just within the ranter’s smaller circle of friends (but really, if it’s funny enough… we don’t even mind if it’s a text message).
  • Rants can be short and sweet (like Joe), or long and beefy (like Scotty). Even if you have to use a few images to capture the whole thing, that’s fine. Sometimes the best material is really in the comments, so we’ll happily accept that as well!
  • If you’re not sure about the image quality, feel free to write out the content of the rant in addition to uploading the screen grab.
  • We’d prefer it if you could obscure the ranter’s actual name and photo from the submission, but don’t fret; we’ll do it for you, if we have to. WE WILL NEVER USE RANTER’S ACTUAL NAMES OR LIKENESSES ON THE PODCAST.

* Note – All of the form info is optional, except the image upload.

Please complete the required fields.
Please select your rant screen capture image(s) to upload.