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ICE Rating System – Unfollowed
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ICE Rating System

ICE Rating System

The ICE Rating System is the core of our podcast programming. ICE is nearly perfect in it’s elegant simplicity. It is the prodigy-like brainchild of Scotty and Joe.

An ICE rating is achieved through the average of three scores expertly calculated when Scotty DOES THE MATH by adding the scores from each category and then brilliantly dividing those scores by 3 in significantly less time than it would take to punch them into the calculator app on an iPhone 7. What we have here, folks, is the definitive self-accrediting system for ranking social media rants.

The categories are:

I – Intensity

The intensity score of the rant is defined mainly through Scotty and Joe’s empathy for the ranter’s current emotional state. This rating is also influenced by tone of voice, explicit use of vulgar language, unruly punctuation, grammatical errors, and a general lack of calm rationale demonstrated.

C – Clarity

Emotions and intentions aside, is there a clearly defined argument contained within the rant? Is there a call-to-action or a solution posed? Often, when ranters lack in pure intensity, they score in clearly defined arguments. More often than not, they don’t.

E – Entertainment Value

This is what separates mundane emotional diarrhea from legendary emotional diarrhea. While the other categories are somewhat subjective, the ‘E’ in the ICE System removes all but the slightest hint of objectivity. This score is based loosely on the entertainment the rant itself provides, but lets get real, here… It’s really about how hilariously (and handsomely) we delivered our commentary.

You’re more than welcome to attempt to use this amazing system we’ve invented with our brilliance to critique rants on your own, but FAIR WARNING: This is not to be attempted by amateurs. That said, we’re now offering a brief, 16 weekend introductory seminar or a condensed 249 consecutive hour bootcamp on Rant Critique & Responsible ICE Implementation.